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For me, the most rewarding thing about being a Life coach/Trainer/Neurosomatic therapist is helping people achieve their goals. Nothing makes me happier than knowing clients are having success using my approach and that my support and guidance is helping them on their journey towards better health.


Christina Moss:

When I first met Aleks about two years ago, I was really in what I’ll call a “workout rut”.  I had recently given birth to my second child and I just didn’t really know what I needed to do to feel like myself again. I had a gym membership, and I actually went to the gym several days a week for the typical cardio, maybe some weight lifting, a class here and there – but I was so bored.  When he approached me, it really was just on a whim that I agreed to train with him, figuring that it couldn’t hurt to try something new.  To be honest, I kind of figured that I would train with him once a week, and then do whatever it was that I was already doing the rest of the week and that he would just be like a supplement in my schedule.  Little did I know that he would actually be taking over all of my workouts and my “one day a week” was never a thought that crossed his mind at all.   I liked him immediately, for a lot of reasons, but for me it was his humor and his persistence that kept me showing up 3 days a week….  Read the full stories!


Mark Williams from Schaumburg:

I met Aleks at Lifetime Fitness roughly 2 years ago. He is a top level personal trainer who is very educated in his field. As a trainer he showed me how to work out smart and eliminate some pointless exercises. This was very helpful. I have used a few different trainers over the years and I enjoyed my time with every one of them. One of my top level trainers who I worked with for 2 months straight decided that I needed a few sessions with Aleks to take care of my knee problem and a few other issues as well. Two sessions with him and I was a new man… Read the full stories!


Tammy Bendoff from Northbrook:

After more than two years of going to a gym and working out five or more days per week for over an hour each workout, I had hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing any results. How could it be that I was working so hard and still not losing weight? Since each of us is unique and our bodies respond differently, I decided a one-on-one approach might be the answer for me. After doing extensive research and looking for other workout options and trainers, I found Alex. I contacted him and he responded immediately. I told him what I was looking for and he told me what he had to offer. We set up an initial consultation and talked for almost 90 minutes. I knew after 5 minutes that he was the trainer for me… Read the full stories!


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